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Hi! Welcome to Tulsa Remote’s Media Kit — our team has put together some resources and guidelines to help you use our logo, brand standards and photography.

If you have questions about usage or would like to make any use of our marks in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at


At Tulsa Remote, we’re not just building a community for remote workers; we're shaping the future of our city. By paying full-time remote workers $10,000 to live and work in Tulsa, we’re fostering a one-of-a-kind remote community and creating more opportunities for all Tulsans to live, work, and grow. Our mission is to attract and retain remote workers whose skills and passions make Tulsa a more diverse and vibrant place while contributing to the foundation of a more inclusive and resilient economy.

Program funding is currently provided by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, with added support through the Oklahoma Remote Quality Jobs Incentive Act. The City of Tulsa, and other community organizations lend their support to ensure program participants are fully immersed and engaged in the community. To learn more, visit

Logos & Brand Standards

Need logos? We’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find hi-res versions of our logos along with instructions for use.

Life in Tulsa

Here you'll find hi-res photos and videos of Tulsa’s parks, museums and cultural landmarks — everything that makes the 918 a great place to live and work.

Tulsa Remote Community

Our members and leaders represent everything we love about Tulsa — vibrant, hard-working and inclusive. Please reach out to our team for hi-res images of Tulsa Remote's best and brightest.

Program Statistics & Testimonials

You may be wondering who is moving to Tulsa and what they have to say about our community. See what our members and others have to say about their experiences with the Tulsa Remote program.

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"The vision of being able to contribute to true economic, cultural, social, and political change to a city was incredibly compelling, which spoke to the pioneer in me. Never before had I heard such a call-to-action with the power to compel me to move cities."

~ Jason Mathew, moved from Austin, TX.

News/Blog Posts

Check out the "Our Voice" blog for the latest Remoter stories, news, and program updates.

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