Economic Impact Report

Cultivating Community, Driving Innovation

Celebrating five years of transformative impact, Tulsa Remote has nurtured a thriving, diverse community of over 3,000 members, reshaping Tulsa’s economic and cultural landscape towards a vibrant future.

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$563.6 Million

As of December 2023, 2,819 Remoters have collectively generated $563.6 million in direct employment income, significantly contributing to Tulsa's economic vitality.

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$330 Million

The program's influence continued to grow in 2023, with the 2,252 participants who are currently in Tulsa contributing over $330 million in new labor income to the city.

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18% Own Businesses

More than 18% of program alumni who plan to stay in Tulsa have ignited the local economy by starting their own businesses. More than 11% of alumni joined local nonprofit boards and over 4% have founded nonprofit organizations.

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53% More Diverse

Tulsa Remote members have grown more diverse with each year of the program, with members who identify as part of an underrepresented racial and ethnic group accounting for 53% of movers in 2023.

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2X Work Satisfaction

Alumni intending to make Tulsa their home beyond their program commitment have more than twice the likelihood of reporting increased work satisfaction than those who are planning to leave, underscoring the positive impact of Tulsa Remote on individuals' professional and personal lives. 


After moving to Tulsa in 2022, Marvina was soon inspired by her fellow Remoters to enroll in an accelerated data analytics and technology training course through Tulsa’s Cyber Skills Center. With a background in the finance industry, Marvina would never have considered starting a career in tech without the encouragement from her supportive community in Tulsa, coupled with the accessibility of the course. She is now looking forward to utilizing her new skill set to give back to Tulsa’s growing tech sector.

Marvina Larry, Moved from Tampa, FL


Josiah Robinson says Tulsa Remote provided him the infrastructure he needed to quickly join the community of changemakers committed to making Tulsa an inclusive city for everyone. Within a year of moving, he started leading work at the Prism Project, an organization that informs Tulsans of the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, and was appointed to serve as the LGBTQIA+ Advocate on the City of Tulsa’s Human Rights Commission. Josiah's experiences exemplify Tulsa Remote’s role in bringing together individuals from across the country with diverse backgrounds, who each bring unique perspectives and a shared commitment to investing in Tulsa's future.

Josiah Robinson, Moved from Menlo Park, CA


Lawrence MacAlpine and his wife, Breanna moved to Tulsa from Maine in 2021. In addition to a newfound community, they also found their overall cost of living decreased, giving them more flexibility in their budget to not only keep the lights on but also pay off their debt. Three years later, the couple is officially debt-free, and with their financial freedom, they’ve purchased their first home and welcomed their first child, Aurora. For Lawrence, the opportunity to pursue his professional goals and personal dreams while being surrounded by an incredible community is what truly makes Tulsa feel like home.

Lawrence MacAlpine, Moved from Wells, MA